back|stop «BAK STOP», noun, verb, -stopped, -stop|ping.
1. a) a wall, fence, or screen used in various games, such as baseball and tennis, to keep the ball in the area of play. b) Informal. a player who stops balls in various games, especially a catcher in baseball and cricket.
2. Informal, Figurative. anything that supports or reinforces: »

... a kind of economic backstop in case a recession sets in (Wall Street Journal).

3. (in machinery) a part for preventing recoil beyond a designated point.
–v.i., v.t. Informal.
1. to serve as a backstop: »

The ordinary safeguards against the escape of radioactive rays are backstopped by the 5-ft. thick walls of the plant (Time).

2. Figurative. to support; reinforce: »

There are a dozen top-rank aides, backstopped in depth by aides of their own, who stand like breakwaters between him and the deluge of his official responsibilities (New York Times).

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